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Female Sexual Dysfunction and ED Drugs

Although sexual dysfunction exists in both sexes, most medical experts still look at it as largely men’s problem. Relatively little is known about sexual problems in women, and thus there are a very limited number of solutions available specifically to women.

This is perhaps the reason why women suffering from sexual dysfunction often resort to various ED drugs such as Generic Levitra, for example, hoping that the pills will generate the similar effects on them as it does on men.

Although no doctor will prescribe a woman an ED drug, that doesn’t seem to be a problem. For instance, Viagra in Canada can be easily bought without a prescription. In fact, there are at least several pharmacies that sell Viagra, Levitra and Cialis online.

However, there is still a large informational gap as to whether ED drugs can be really effective for women. So far, these kinds of drugs have only been approved for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Low blood flow to the genitals is among the causes of sexual disorders in women. In men, Viagra and other similar drugs work by increasing blood flow to the penis. Some studies suggest that they could work similarly in women, too, boosting blood flow to the vaginal area. With more blood reaching the genitals, a woman will experience increased sensitivity around the area and therefore be able to get aroused when stimulated. Trials to test this effect are not conclusive with some researchers recording positive results and others attribute the positive results to the placebo effect. One of the major challenges of these studies has been the need to eliminate psychological factors, which can be having a hand in women’s sexual disorders.

There is no directive or clear information if it is safe for women to use ED drugs. You may encounter some products advertising themselves as female Viagra, but there is no proof of their effectiveness as no credible medical research has been done to back up the claims.

Up until now, the effects of Viagra-like drugs on women remain unclear. Keep in mind that the male and female sexual structures differ greatly, and this is the reason why Viagra hasn’t yet been approved for use by women. For now, it may be safe for women to avoid taking ED drugs, until experts can determine their exact effects on the female body. Since psychological factors often hinder a woman’s ability to enjoy sex, it would be wise to rule them out before considering dubious measures such as use of ED drugs intended for men.