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Real Estate SEO Trainer and Internet Marketing Strategist

The Real Estate Marketing Trainings I offer assist the Real Estate Professional take Charge of his or her Internet presence and put them on a path to capturing the top niche ranking with Search Engines – namely Google. Learn the proper way to market Real Estate on the Internet. These are the core Real Estate Web Training Sessions at the heart of empowering Real Estate Professionals to compete online. (PDF Link.)

Real Estate Internet Strategy Training
Building your Real Estate Office online is not a separate endeavor from your physical business office; in fact your Internet presence is your business! So how do you go about attracting Google and Clients to you? right I said Google with 75%+ of all Internet Searches starting on Google you cannot effort to be invisible. How do you build an integrated Web Strategy that serves your Sellers and Buyers and is driven organically by Internet Search?
Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training
Are you driving Traffic to your website and creating the best exposure for your Listings? How about your Buyers – Are you the Community Expert? How do I use the right Blogging Techniques to help me become Internet Visible? this is the essence of Internet Marketing and Blogging Results. Learn what Google and Search Engines are looking for in Blogs in order to Index them… in fact if you Blog once a week the right way you will be on Page 1 of Google – enough said?

Real Estate Social Networking Training
How to Drive Google, Search Engine Traffic, and your Customers to your Website using Social Media and Networking Websites.
Social Networking Websites such as FaceBook and Twitter connect us to the people we know – Isn’t time to connect with Google; The Closer we are to Google the Closer our Customers are to us
My question to you is: What if Google was one of your Social Networking Friends? Think about this: What if every time you had something special to share Google told everyone for you? and I mean Everyone on the Internet

Real Estate Database Strategy Training
How to stay in touch with Clients and Convert Sales!!! Outlook, eMail, Contact Database Management… (The Necessary Real Estate Habits!) The training is designed to help Real Estate Professionals devise the right strategy and help them use the right tools and habits to stay in touch with their customers. Lets agree that tools are as good as the user’s knowledge but more importantly their diligence, consistency, and repeatedfocused approach
Real Estate Web Advanced Strategy Training
Google Visibility is about proper links… You have heard that content is king; so how do you go about adding it so Search Engines can find you? This One-Day Workshop was designed for Realtors who have the proper Website and understand that working on your website is part of your business routine But I have content that comes with my website? you say and so does everyone else Generic content leads nowhere; those who optimize it the right way will become visible

Testimonials from Previous Trainings:

Key not only shows you how the internet and Goggle work, he also teaches you everything you need to know to start building Goggle visibility for your web-site. Every class has an action plan for the student to implement. The methods and techniques are valid and verifiable. The potential power of understanding and implementing the strategy is unlimited. read more… – Joe Nester – Broker/Owner Exit Agap Real Estate Services.

I attended the web strategy training with Key on Tuesday the 14th of July and the content and method of presentation was phenomenal, but I was totally sold when after following his steps, I got the first 5 returns out of 10 on page 1 of Google. That is 50% coverage on page 1 of the search engine that has over 72% of all search traffic, AMAZING. All I did was …… I can’t tell you! You have to join EXIT and take the course so Key can get your mind right for the Google Juice.

Thanks, you have brought many things into perspective for me in Real Estate. I will stop the unproductive and focus on the productive again. – Mike Grumbles – CFO EXIT MidSouth Realty in Tennessee.

Dear Key, I wanted to let you know that your training has impacted my businesss GOOGLE visibility tremendously. I attended two of your trainings and APPLIED everything you taught with the result that I am now dominating my local area on Google searches Im actually taking the first TWO pages.. I have spent the last 2 years in total frustration at HOW TO DO this, and when you came to Franklin, you brought THE LIGHT with you! Thanks Key for sharing this knowledge, I look forward to more skull sessions in the near future.. If you have students IN DOUBT, have them Google: john becker bald head, or Franklin nc real estate .. let the magic begin! Key, I also wanted to thank you for making this training AFFORDABLE to ANYONE who wants to learn this aspect of web marketing. Ive seen so many other web trainers who charge astronomical fees with less than satisfactory results. – John Becker / Bald Head – Franklin NC. Attended Real Estate Web and Blogging Strategy Trainings.

Key, What an outstanding program that you have developed to get our agents on top of their game and on top of Google. You push our agents far above the bar with your knowledge and commitment to making us the best in the industry..and the most web recognized. Thanks for all that you do for us and for all of Exit. – Jim Barnett, Sales Manager of Exit Realty South in Charlotte NC. Attended Real Estate Web Advanced Strategy in Charlotte NC on May 21st, 2009

Hi Key, Thank you for everything! What an awesome training you put on for us. I feel kind of smart right now. I learned so much from you and I thank you for your dedication to your work and your patience with me. I am going to GET THIS! Thanks again. We loved having you and hope you can come for a long visit to see the area. You are welcome any time. – Shelia Bennett, Broker/Owner of Exit Realty of Beaufort. Attended Real Estate Web Advanced Strategy in Beaufort SC on April 15th, 2009.

Hi Key, I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s class. It was extremely informative! You clarified some things that I was unsure of or struggling to complete. You have inspired me to really step my game up and to get out of the rut I was in. Thanks again! – Lisa Houle, Broker/Owner Exit Realty of Hilton Head. Attended Real Estate Web Advanced Strategy in Beaufort SC on April 15th, 2009.

Key, Thank you for the call yesterday, I am so sorry I missed you. I was out looking at a piece of land for a client and it’s easy to lose connectivity out here in these mountains. I just couldn’t wait to tell you about my first try. I noticed after sending you the link to my blog, that none of the links I had put into my blog were working-so I went back to the site to edit it. When I got up this morning and googled ‘Murphy trout streams I was #s 12 on page 1!!! I couldn’t believe it. The Bot had picked up both my blog and my corrected one…this is just TOOO COOOOL as my grandson would say. Thank you again. I look forward to our next class. Kaye. – Kaye Phillips, Realtor, Exit Realty Mountain View Properties. Attended Real Estate Blogging Strategy on April 8th, 2009.

Great Class Key, Everyone at Murphy NC Exit Realty thought you were the best today! Thanks Again, Frank Big Frank Schuler Mary Hong Phuc Schuler – Big Frank Schuler, Realtor, Exit Realty Mountain View Properties. Attended Real Estate Blogging Strategy on April 8th, 2009.

Key, You did an amazing job teaching at the Carolina’s, you have found your calling and it shows! Tam – March 7, 2009. Tami Bonnell, President U.S. Organization, Exit Realty. Event: Exit of The Carolinas Annual Awards in Charlotte NC, March 2009.

Good morning Key, I am checking different searches for Chapin Real Estate, Chapin SC real estate, Chapin homes for sale and Chapin SC homes for sale. Our efforts are working and I owe you a large debt of gratitude for this! Our website has been up for less than 1 month and we are on page 1 of Google for Chapin Real Estate and page 2 top spot for Chapin Homes for Sale. I consider this a major step forward in my companies ability to compete for customers on-line. The search, Chapin Homeowners is absolutely dominated by my blog and website-this is directly attributable to your guidance and tutelage!
I am a long way from where I want our company to be in terms of our google-ability but our company and agents are headed in the right direction as a result of your instruction and support.
This is great news for me and certainly gives validation to our efforts. Thanks and have a great day! – Brandon Liles, Broker / Owner Exit Midlands Realty, Chapin SC. Coaching and Consulting Client – Attended numerous trainings offered by Key.

If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us. – Jim Rohn

Web Link: Real Estate Internet Marketing Trainings by Key Yessaad – The Google Master
PDF Link: Real-Estate-Internet-Marketing-Trainings.pdf

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Key Yessaad Real Estate Trainings and Internet Strategies.
To train, inspire, and coach Real Estate Professionals succeed is my passion. I specialize in training Realtors to compete online. My Trainings and Internet Strategies intersect in my seminars with powerful ideas and Plans of Actions that produce results. Google or call me (910) 538-6610 and lets discuss how I can help your Agents climb the Google Tree of Success. I can tailor my Real Estate Seminars to the level of sophistication of your agents and I promise they will leave inspired and will produce results!!! Read some of the Realtors Testimonials. Stayon top ofReal Estate Internet Marketing and Key on Facebook!